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lunes, 2 de abril de 2012

The Reign of FIX in The 21st Century in The South Atlantic

Molting King Penguin Chick,South Georgia Island
366 × 550 - 50 k - jpg

Molting King Penguin Chick,South Georgia Island
366 × 550 - 63 k - jpg

King penguin colony, Aptenodytes patagonicus, South Georgia Island
502 × 340 - 329 k - jpg

Old Derelict Whaling Ship Rusting Away Off Shore, South Georgia Island, ...
473 × 355 - 37 k - jpg

Gold Harbour, South Georgia Island. Gold Harbour is a combined king penguin ...
443 × 297 - 100 k - gif

On South Georgia Island, they share this beach with the King Penguins, ...
410 × 275 - 45 k - jpg

South Georgia Island
800 × 534 - 177 k - jpg

King Penguins, Gold Harbour,South Georgia Island, Antarctica Stock Photo ...
550 × 367 - 95 k - jpg

Chinstrap penguins (Pygoscelis antarctica), South Georgia Island
620 × 461 - 43 k - jpg

Grytviken Cemetery, South Georgia Island
600 × 411 - 46 k - jpg

Cook-1777 S Georgia IslandJames Cook's 1777 South-Up map of South Georgia
800 × 560 - 100 k - jpg

Gold bull fur seal Gold Harbour (South Georgia Island)
720 × 596 - 71 k - jpg

Antarctica's South Georgia Island
580 × 481 - 444 k - jpg

Shackleton memorial cross Grytviken Cemetery, South Georgia Island
400 × 600 - 30 k - jpg

... an abandoned whaling station on South Georgia Island, Antarctica.
500 × 333 - 210 k - jpg

A female elephant seal at its colony on South Georgia Island,sub- Antarctica ...
401 × 267 - 37 k - jpg

south-georgia-1 After a series of unlucky breaks, weather-induced delays and ...
550 × 370 - 158 k - jpg

SST and chlorophyll image of Southern Ocean near South Georgia Island
700 × 500 - 99 k - gif

It was not until my first landing on South Georgia Island that this ...
600 × 316 - 63 k - jpg

Fortuna Bay, South Georgia Island, Antarctica
1796 × 1184 - 1690 k - jpg

More FIX on the NET @ FIX University Cultural Campus

3d Earthquake Report (5.4 South Sandwich Islands) USGS 29 August 2010

USGS 29 August 2010 3.4 2010/08/29 21:41:16 32.223 -115.335 29.6 BAJA CALIFORNIA, MEXICO MAP 2.6 2010/08/29 21:39:22 61.469 -146.621 23.7 SOUTHERN ...

by NibiruMagick2012 1 year ago 537 views

Gullah of Hilton Head Island, South Carolina

Travel Show host Erik Hastings experiences Gullahs rich history and culture on Hilton Head Island,South Carolina. Erik visits the Coastal ...

by HastingsTravel 3 years ago 24,676 views


a former whaling station on the northern coast of South Georgia Island in the South Atlantic. Its historical significance is that it represents ...

by DileepB 2 years ago 85 views

Whaling Station Song

attached to the monthly newsletter from the sub-Antarctic island of South Georgia on ... kepsg ... Grytviken Whaling Station Song ...

by kepsg 4 months ago 261 views

Ships and Rough Seas - Tybee Island Georgia

Wathcing the rough seas and surf on Tybee Island Georgia.

by 2btime 2 years ago 11,726 views

CSX Q197 AWESOME GE Sounds! Beech Island, SC 2/11/12

CSX Q197 works to get up to track speed of 49mph as it exits the Savannah River Yard Limits after changing crews in Augusta, Georgia. This is ...

by rsideballa75 1 month ago 104 views

The Springtime Scratch

this spring in the sub-antarctic Island of South Georgia. Attached to the South Georgianewsletter on ... kepsg ... scratch ...

by kepsg 4 years ago 756 views

South Georgia Museum - Fullerton Room

Niall describes the contents of the Fullerton room in South Georgia museum

by as515646 4 years ago 733 views

South Georgia Webcam: time lapsed video

From the webcam at January 8 2008 to January 11 2008. Fur Seals and Penguins

by SouthGeorgiaWebcam 4 years ago 707 views

Elephant Seal pup's tough first half hour of life.

attached to the monthly newsletter from the sub-antarctic island of South Georgia on ... kepsg ... Elephant Seals wildlife pup birth ...

by kepsg 3 years ago 5,425 views

Black-browed albatrosses near South Georgia (MVI 4605)

January 2009. Black-browed albatrosses - with a wingspan of SEVEN FEET - near South Georgia

by peterjgwilliams 3 years ago 167 views

King penguins and elephant seals on South Georgia

South Georgia is a haven for anyone interested in nature and wildlife. It is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful places on earth. Here ...

by PolarQuestAB 4 months ago 83 views

Shrimps Boats - Tybee Island Georgia

Shrimp boats near Tybee Island Georgia.

by 2btime 3 years ago 1,929 views

South Atlantic 2010 - 22 Jan 2010 - further south

Simon and Ted meet up on Ascension Island and continue their journey south. Next stop, the Falkland Islands

by bgschannel 2 years ago 199 views

Bessie Jones & The Georgia Sea Island Singers - O Day

from the Goodbye Babylon set

by matttttt84 2 years ago 9,928 views

Antarctic Voyage on board m/v Plancius, part 3 of 3

A typical voyage to the Falklands - South Georgia and Antarctic Peninsula. ... Oceanwide Expeditions ... Oceanwide ...

by OceanwideExpeditions 2 years ago 808 views

King penguin

penguins living on the island of South Georgia. ... Claudia Utrecht ... "King Penguin" Antartica "South Georgia" Koningspinguin Molchanov ...

by ClaudiaUtrecht 2 years ago 820 views

Fledging king penguin chicks at Penguin River.

attached to the monthly newsletter from the sub-Antarctic island of South Georgia at ... kepsg ... king penguin chicks fledging ...

by kepsg 2 months ago 208 views

Polar Pioneer Crossing the Drake Passage

voyage. Aurora Expeditions November 2010 voyage to Falkland Islands, South Georgia Islandand the Antarctic Peninsula on the Polar Pioneer. ...

by forrestbro 1 year ago 693 views

Penguin Arrest

... WHHG 2007 ... Penguin Arrest antarctica south georgia island ...

by WHHG2007 2 years ago 300 views

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