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lunes, 8 de octubre de 2012

Agenda Cultural @ FIX University


article.wn.comGuest stars Hall and Oates perform their classic "Rich Girl.
480 × 360 - 22 k - jpg

thestrut.comCheck out some classic Hall & Oates magazine ads (like the 1981 ad for ...
530 × 769 - 127 k - jpg

womc.cbslocal.comoates hall Hall & Oates To Receive TV Land Award
385 × 236 - 58 k - jpg

americajr.comHall & Oates performs at Caesars Windsor.
550 × 408 - 330 k - png

clatl.comHall & Oates: Do What You Want, Be What You Are. by Hal Horowitz
371 × 371 - 32 k - jpg

honolulupulse.comJohn Oates on stage at Blaisdell Arena during the Hall & Oates concert on ...
588 × 392 - 187 k - jpg

radiodos.comHall and Oates
750 × 150 - 30 k - jpg

blogs.villagevoice.comLive: Hall & Oates Do The Hits (And A Few Christmas Songs!
545 × 306 - 69 k - jpg

freecodesource.comHall and Oates Super Hits, Vol. 2 Album Cover
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philly.comHall And Oates Fans For America -- now a Super PAC
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ticketsinventory.comDaryl Hall and John Oates - Back Stabbers (Live From Daryl`s House)
480 × 360 - 16 k - jpg

last.fmPicture of Hall & Oates Next image Previous image
500 × 403 - 33 k - jpg & OATES: El dúo de origen americano formado por Daryl Hall y John Oates ...
768 × 576 - 27 k - jpg

bookingentertainment.comHall and Oates booking agent
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starpulse.comHall & Oates Shut Down Namesake Political Group
300 × 300 - 33 k - php

chicagonow.comHall & Oates at Ravinia 6/25/11
640 × 383 - 117 k - jpg

lineout.thestranger.comAs were found in many records of the day, this Hall & Oates composition ...
379 × 611 - 90 k - jpg

articulo.mercadolibre....Vinilo Lp - Daryl Hall & John Oates - Ooh Yeah! Agregar a favoritos
1024 × 768 - 193 k - jpg

articulo.mercadolibre....Maxi Vinilo Hall & Oates ...
500 × 493 - 24 k - jpg

article.wn.comHall & Oates - Did It In a Minute
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Welcome to Spring Semester 2013

Fernando IX University
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Fernando IX University

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Fernando IX University

Social Network Analysis

Lada Adamic

This course will use social network analysis, both its theory and computational tools, to make sense of the social and information networks that have been fueled and rendered accessible by the internet.

Fernando IX University

Hi Everyone in the SNA class,

First of all, apologies if this info is duplicate. I'm not sure whether announcements are being sent out as email, and I don't want you to miss tomorrow's Hangout because of an email glitch.

Please check out the announcements:

There you will find info on assignments (1st one due tomorrow (Friday), 2nd one due Tuesday), tips for viewing week 2's lectures, and info on our hangout with Google's researchers Ed Chi and David Huffaker at 11:15am PDT tomorrow.



Copied here for your convenience:

SNA: Google Hangout with Google researchers tomorrow + HW2 feedback

Hi Everyone,

Item 1: I will be chatting with Ed Chi and David Huffaker from Google tomorrow, Friday Oct. 5th, starting 11:15am Pacific Time. Ed and Dave will start out telling us about some SNA research they have been doing at Google, and then we'll open the channel up for questions. To watch the broadcast live, check around that time and there will be a live YouTube stream there (fingers crossed). If you are not in the hangout, you can post your questions to Ed and Dave on this thread Up to 9 people can join us in the hangout. If you are interested in being one of those 9, please reply to the thread and tell us: 1) a bit about yourself 2) whether you have a high bandwidth connection 3) whether you have a Google+ account

More on Ed:

More on Dave:

Item 2: by popular demand, HW 2 will now give you immediate feedback. If you have already submitted the assignment, check back to see if the feedback is there. We are still learning about feedback, so if this feedback gives too much away, apologies, we will be more subtle on HW3, or at least try to be.

Item 3: We are glad the forums are so lively. In order to help others (including us) help you, please follow the guidelines posted at the top of the forum page:

* Use up-votes to bring attention to thoughtful, helpful posts (this makes it more likely that they'll get the attention they deserve).

* Search before you post (many duplicate posts make the forum cluttered and less usable).

* Post in the appropriate sub-forum (posting in the wrong sub-forum also creates clutter and makes it more difficult to find relevant info).

And lastly, if you are seeking technical help, please try to be descriptive. Saying 'The stuff is broken' without any further details makes it difficult to debug. Please say what operating system you are on, which software/browser you are using, the URL of the page you were accessing (if applicable), the steps you took that got you to the place where you experienced the problem etc.

Thanks and hope to see some of you tomorrow at the Hangout.

Thu 4 Oct 2012 11:38:00 AM PDT

SNA Week 2 lectures and assignment(s) available

Hi Everyone,

Lectures and assignments for the 2nd week have been posted. Thanks to fearless individuals (thank you! thank you! thank you!) who test-drove these materials and posted about their flaws to the forum today, these should be now ready for actual consumption.

We haven't heard of any major issues in viewing the new and improved NetLogo models in browsers with Java enabled. If you continue to experience difficulty, please refer to the wiki page on this and add to this thread with your configuration details. Also, for the RandomGraphs NetLogo model, load it, if possible, from this URL, as it will let you calculate the average shortest path.


HW 1 is due this Friday. Tips: wait for your network to download completely (N out of N) in GetNet before saving the GML file. Upload this file in this exact form for inspection by the grader. If you save it with Gephi, Gephi may write things in there that will make NetworkX, used by the grader, not want to read it. Use a plain-text editor to edit the template. Don't put any new newlines between the colon (:)s and your answers. The submission server has intermittently thrown some system errors but is well behaved at the moment. Let us know via the forum under 'Technical Feedback' if this is not the case.

HW 2 is due next Tuesday.

Optional programming assignment 1 is due next Tuesday.

Optional programming project is posted (you may be able to do variant 1 of this even if you do not know how to code, provided you have a ready data source that can be imported into various SNA software packages. In that case you are more than welcome to do the assignment and it will be peer-reviewed along with others).

We hope that this week's lectures and assignments will get you interested in modeling networks. Next week we'll be back to mostly empirical analysis when tackling network centrality.

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